Chestnut panettone 1kg
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INGREDIENTS: wheat flour , fresh egg yolk , butter , cocoa butter, sugar, fructose, bourbon vanilla, chopped candied chestnuts, dextrose, flavoring, acidity regulators: citric acid.

Here is a pre-order, the panettones are available from November 1, 2024. A limited quantity is available, an email will be sent to you for when you want the panettone delivered.

Made with local Partenio chestnuts, the chestnut panettone strongly represents a traditional artisan product linked to the area of ​​Cervinara (AV), a town long sy - anonymous with the cultivation of chestnuts and it arises from the mixture of the quality of the dough and the unique candied chestnuts, which give a sweet and strong taste to the product.

Pastry chef


I have always had a passion for baking.

I attended the “Aldo Moro” Hospitality Training Institute in Montesarchio, in the province of Benevento, and graduated in 2007. At first, during the summer holidays, while continuing my studies, I worked in a well-known pastry shop in Rome. This practical experience allowed me to develop my professionalism and my skills in the field. I have completed various training and professional development courses in the areas of cake and bakery product design, ice cream products, chocolate and general baking which has allowed me to increase my abilities and refine my techniques and stay abreast of trends. Finally, in 2013, I opened my shop in Castello, a medieval neighborhood of Cervinara in the province of Avellino, Italy, thus fulfilling my dream of doing what I always loved doing in the place where I grew up, where my roots and my affections were realized.

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