Petits Coeurs 125g

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Les Saveurs d'Europe is the ideal place for any lover of fine products and new finds from here and elsewhere. Cheese, delicatessen and delicatessen grouped together in one warm place for the pleasure of your taste buds. Keep in mind that we are a small family business and our deliveries are made by a delivery company. Our deliveries depart once a week keep in mind that deliveries leave every Wednesday and take 2 days to 15 days from Wednesday.

From our customers


Their flavored chips are the most special and delicious, my girlfriend and I buy them every time we go there. The flavor selection is superb!

Massimo Cannizzaro

It's an amazing little specialty store, they have a huge range of Mediterranean cuisine ingredients as well as a really cool hot sauce section that you can't find in any other store in town.

LG Farms

I have been doing some of my grocery shopping there for several years and I have always received excellent service and very good advice. THANKS!

Élaine Brière

To make great finds, I recommend this place :P


Great service, great products. That's all there is to say. 🙂

Gary Lemaire