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Pairs well with

An intense initial aroma accompanied by a distinctive taste of the best white truffles to finish, in a sweet aftertaste.

These chips are a real delight for the palate.

Privileged moments to share!

Choosing the best is always your choice!

You know how to enjoy your time in good company very well. You don't settle for anything, you always look for the best. You find a way to add that special touch of flavor to your life, providing the ingredients that make you live more deeply. The vibrant light, the sound of laughter between friends, the warmth of southern Spain and the joy of its people.

Quillo is one of those times with you, and which strain do you prefer?

Selected potatoes

The selection of raw materials is our priority in order to offer you a natural product with a unique aroma, taste and texture.

Allergen free

None of our fries contain gluten or other allergens. Natural is better for your health.

This product is not in our warehouse, so it could take a maximum of 7 days for the manufacturer to deliver it to us. Then we deliver it to you. A slight delay may occur if this product is part of your shipment.

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